The first online branding studio We create brands, design and advertising.
100+ successful projects
7 years on the market
9 designers in a team
Разработка айдентики и наружной рекламы в честь юбилея ТМ Ашан
Разработка логотипа, фирменного стиля, дизайн сайта для MAUTechnic
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7 years  100+ successful projects  A team of 9 designers
If you don’t like any version of the logo, we’ll make from 1 to 4 concepts for free
We specialize in remote work - you pay only for the design, and not for renting an office and coffee for employees.
World experience
Successfully completed more than 20 projects for foreign clients (USA / Canada / England, etc.)
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in 40 different spheres
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We are the first online design studio. Developing a work system, we focused on two important components for a modern design studio - service and the final result.

What is Gagarin service? This is a personal account for each client, which allows you to watch online on work on your project.

What is quality Gagarin - it saves up to 30%: you pay only for the design, and not for renting an office and coffee employees.

We have implemented more than 1000 projects. You can verify the high level of work by reading our portfolio.
Branded style
design business cards
Flyers, booklets, leaflets
Billboards and outdoor advertising
Package and label
Naming and slogans
Development of character
design poligraphy
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Branded  style
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