Tatyana S.

Tatyana S.

Project Manager
Project Tanya, our serious humanist with a great sense of humor.

As a born manager, in any force majeure, Tatyana does not lose her composure and flexibility of thinking. He appreciates adequate, responsive and creative people, so for the third year he has been enthusiastically working at Gagarin Studio.

Coffee, charlotte plus your favorite home costume - and the optimal working environment is built. You can generate ideas, work fruitfully with clients and designers.

Basic higher education allows Tanya to write to clients in both English and German. Although more often it is (for now!) Easy and optimistic prose in Slavic languages.

During breaks, Tatyana meditates on the balcony, communicates with a parrot and learns the subtleties of cooking. Successful biscuit baking is already an asset.
Another hobby of Tanya is archeology and ancient history. Which does not cancel active interest in the modern world. So the perfect vacation for her is travel.

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