Artyom B.

Artyom B.

Head of the studio
“Remember: wherever you read the line, in this particular period of time, in these precious seconds, you will begin to create your wonderful story,” wrote 20-year-old Artem Beseda in his book about one minute of life. Able to change life forever. He is like this now: he values ​​time and keeps a high pace.

Captain Gagarin Studio is not always in the wheelhouse. He is constantly on the move, because he set out to run 1,000 km in hundreds of different cities in the world. In Istanbul, Budapest and Barcelona, ​​Artem is ready to walk and run beyond his life plan.

While our director is traveling, a guitar and avocados grown by him are waiting for him at home (and we are waiting for a botanical master class).

“If you don’t cause emotions, you aren’t”, - with this life motto, Artyom approaches every new business project and any life task. Cool emotions never happen: that’s why he targets the international crew of Gagarin Studio on a global scale.

And he sometimes goes in search of inspiration to the alcohol department more ... look at the design of new products.

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